• innovative and resistant
  • Ideal for use in wet areas, chemistry- and food sector thanks to the stainless-steel chassis
  • 4 stainless-steel load cells IP 68 (hermetic frozen)
  • Incl. evaluation-electronic, IP 67


The Pauli FSR 874-Aqua-68 comes in 2 standard  versions:

  • Version A with evaluation-electronic 82alpha for simple weighing and taring(automatic) and a serial cut surface
  • Version C with evaluation-electronic 82comfort for comfortable weighing with count- and accumulate functions, numeral keypad, manual tare entry, two serial cut surfaces .


This scale can be used as a over-ground-scale with a ramp or as a flush floor installation

Technical Data

Capacity:                     300kg, 600kg/ 600kg, 1500kg/ 600kg, 1500kg, 3000kg/                                                     1500kg, 3000kg

Lowest unit weight:      100g, 200g/ 200g, 500g/ 200g, 500g, 1000g/ 500g, 1000g

Platform:                      1000 x 800 mm/ 1250 x 1000 mm/ 1500 x 1250 mm/ 1500 x 1500 mm